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When people believe, they give.


By your side.
Serving your mission.

Maybe you’re new to fundraising. Maybe you’ve been doing it for awhile, but you’re not meeting your goals. Or maybe you’re watching a promising person struggle, and you’d like to help them succeed. If those things sound familiar to you, then you’re in the right place.

My on-site and on-line trainings are specifically designed to help fundraisers develop their professional skills for immediate impact.

It’s not about the money
The pursuit of money will never inspire gifts of significance.  I’ve always believed this, and it’s always been true.  I never twisted people’s arms to give, or tried to guilt them into a gift.  I get to know people and discover what they would like to accomplish with their money that would be meaningful to them.  Then it’s a joy for them, and for me, too!

Believe and you will succeed
You have to believe.  You can’t fake it.  If you honestly believe in your organization, and have faith in the leadership, your passion will shine through.  Belief is contagious. When people believe in the potential of something, they give.  (And if you don’t believe, it’s time to look elsewhere.)

Generous people are happy people
People who are generous with their money or time, or with their relatives and neighbors on a regular basis, tend to be happier and healthier than those who hold tightly to their blessings.  Fundraising can be an enjoyable, rewarding experience, because you are working with people while they are experiencing the joy of giving!