Fulfillment Reports Are No Longer Icing On The Cake!

Over the past several months during sponsorship trainings, I have polled several thousand sponsorship seekers about fulfillment reports and much to my surprise, more than 60% told me they’ve never heard of them!

Here’s what it is: A fulfillment report is what you provide the sponsor after the event is over to show that you fulfilled your obligations to them.

Why should you provide your sponsor with a fulfillment report?

  • Positions you as a strategic partner committed to helping them achieve their goals

  • Reminds them of all the sponsorship benefits they received

  • Gives you an opportunity to ask for feedback and advice

  • Provides an ideal time to discuss a commitment for next year

  • Demonstrates accountability

  • Builds sponsor loyalty

  • Shows your professionalism

Be sure to customize it!

You know I’m all about personalization, so when it comes to fulfillment reports I suggest you create a recap report with customized sections. Include the initial objectives and what you did to help them meet those objectives. When you understand your sponsor’s objectives in the beginning with your proposal, then you are essentially tying that back into the fulfillment report.

What do sponsors say?

When I asked Patrick Lonergan, Senior Vice President of Community & Economic Development at Fifth Third Bank, what he thought about fulfillment reports, here’s what he said:

“I absolutely would love to always get a written report from every organization we sponsor that had some pictures and outcomes. I would even welcome a visit by the organization including some of the people that were impacted and tell us why it mattered.”

Would you like some help?

To give you a hand, I’ve put together Fulfillment Report Guidelines. Click HERE for your free copy!

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