Is Live Streaming a Good Sponsorship Benefit?

One of the members of my Strategic Sponsorships in 60 Days group asked about pricing for a company to purchase live stream access for their employees.

This is a great question! And a somewhat involved answer. So I decided to share my thoughts with all of you!

Video, and live stream in particular is all the rage right now. Live streaming is a great way to add value to your custom sponsorship package. But there is a big ‘if” coming! It can be a valuable sponsorship benefit for your next non-profit event... if you can use it to give results to your sponsors.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is a broad term, and can be used as a sponsorship benefit in a lot of ways. The basics is that live streaming is capturing your event in real time to be shared with other audiences. Some ways that it can be included in your sponsorship benefits are:

  • Live social media events, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram LIVE

  • Recording the sessions for later distribution

  • Live-streaming tickets for people who are only able to attend digitally and not in person

This benefit offers value because it offers long-term engagement and can generate ROI for as long as it lives online …. days, months, and years after your event is over!  Sponsors can put their logo or ad or some sort of high-impact messaging in the lower part of the video and drive traffic to their site. They can also do short promo videos before the content begins!

Live streaming is easier than ever now-a-days and there are a ton of options. Now you just have to decide if it is right for your event!

Is Live Streaming Right for Your Non-profit Event?

When it comes to deciding what to charge for this valuable benefit of live streaming your event, there are many factors to consider such as:

  • How are you going to promote the live stream? Are you going to send emails? Are you going to post announcements on social media to let people know you are live streaming?

  • What platform are you going to use?

  • How will you capture high quality video and audio? (Pro tip - you probably want to hire someone for this!

  • Is your audience going to pay to watch the live stream?

  • Will they only be able to watch it for a certain period of time?  

Resources for Live-Streaming Your Non-Profit Event

Before you get started choosing a platform, I recommend that you find the video professionals you need to capture your event. The pricing for this type of thing can vary widely - but remember this is an area that you often get what you pay for. Make sure to find out:

  • How many cameras are they able to run?

  • Will they be live-switching or running a single camera angle?

  • How many professionals do they have on staff to run the equipment?

  • Are they experienced with live streaming?

  • How are they capturing the digital footage?

  • How will they get the footage to you after the event and how quickly?

  • Can you get references for other conferences that have used them in the past?

  • Are the experienced with the size and type of event that you are running?

  • Do they provide lighting and audio as well as video equipment?

Getting a few different quotes will be best! You will also want to check with your venue, as they may have a preferred or required service provider.

After you have the professionals that you need to capture the video itself, then you will need to choose a platform.

You can stream directly to Facebook or YouTube, but make sure that you meet the platform requirements well in advance. YouTube in particular has specific criteria you have to meet in order to stream there.

Another option is to use a live streaming service. Here is a list of several to get you started.

Are You Using Live Streaming?

This is as great question! I’m so glad one of my course members asked, as I know it will be beneficial to others as well. In addition to giving my response, I’d like to encourage others to share their thoughts and experiences. And watch for my next post where I talk more about pricing!

I’m curious …

  • How many of you are live streaming your event(s)?

  • Are you already doing it?

  • What are you charging your sponsor for this benefit?