Is Your Donor Management Software Awesome?

Are you looking for donor management software for your nonprofit? Maybe you’re using a program that’s old and outdated (or super expensive) and not using it to its full potential because it’s too complicated? If that’s you, I encourage you to check out Bloomerang. (

 This morning, Chris Painchaud gave me an in-person demo of Bloomerang and I’m so impressed! I love how you can see engagement levels and generosity scores on the dashboard. Having instant access to information about your donor’s capacity and history of giving at your fingertips is incredible. This kind of information is so important as you prioritize and develop strategies for your donor visits.

 If you’re in the market for donor management software, be sure to check out Bloomerang. It’s comprehensive, easy to use, and was created by fundraising experts. But regardless of the program you use, remember that knowledge is power and donor management software is worth the investment!